Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Webster / Holub Duo Mini-Tour

My duo with Mark Holub is playing a series of UK dates in April:

April 13th - The Cowley Club, Brighton

April 14th - The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

April 15th - The Vortex, London

All three dates will be double-bills with Mark's duo with Austrian violinist Irene Kepl.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

it's on like boiled corn

'it's on like boiled corn' is my new solo album released on Norwegianism Records. The album is a series of short improvisations and explores similar territory to my previous solo album 'Antennae', using a strict palette of minimal saxophone sounds, with an emphasis on breath and mechanical noises over "pure/natural" notes.

The album is currently available only as a limited edition CD (50 copies), and a download option will be available soon.

Buy / stream here:

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sneeuwstorm - Rutger Zuydervelt

'Sneeuwstorm' is a new album by electronic/ambient composer Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek). The album comprises of one track which was made incorporating improvised saxophone sounds recorded especially for this project by Otto Kokke and myself.

Rutger writes: "I started with Sneeuwstorm by making an electronic 'framework' for the saxophones, mainly using recordings from electrical equipment, made with coil pick-ups. Then I asked two of my favorite saxophonists, Colin Webster and Otto Kokke, to improvise on the material.
Once I received Colin and Otto's contributions, things began to fall into place rapidly. As expected, they came up with something splendid. It inspired me again to morph the whole composition into something new, restructuring, processing and looping parts of Colin's and Otto's recordings, and adding more sounds of my own, such as field recordings, samples and electric guitar."

'Sneeuwstorm' is available on CD and download from Glistening Examples.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Viscera Press

Viscera - my duo album with Mark Holub has received some excellent press since it was released by New Atlantis Records in October last year:

"To be able to say you have heard something unique is rare these days. Of course, every musician's recordings are unique but occasionally there arrives an album which is truly 'stand alone' and Viscera (New Atlantic),the third album by saxophonistColin Webster and drummer Mark Holub is one such album."  - Sammy Stein, All About Jazz (full review)

"..see this as a latterday Interstellar Space."  - Stephen Graham, Marlbank (full review)

"..a gutsy, complex record, full of vibrancy and raw lyricism." - Paul Margree, We Need No Swords (full review)

"Webster and Holub have created an album that’s as gutsy as its title, and steadily fascinating throughout its run."  - Justin Cober-Lake, Dusted (full review) 

Full review in the November issue of Jazzwise Magazine by Dan Spicer.

Full review by Something Else!
Full review by Enola (Belgium)
Full review by Tomajazz (Spain)
Full review by Music Tales (France)
Short review by Free Form Free Jazz (Brazil)

Viscera is available on CD and download:

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Saturday, 10 January 2015

PRIME Interview And Recent Press

Dead Neanderthals were recently interviewed by ATTN Magazine about our most recent album - PRIME. Read the interview here.

The album has received some excellent reviews and end-of-year plaudits, including top 20 best jazz albums of 2014 according to The Quietus, and Free Form Free Jazz blog's top 10 of the year.

Some of the excellent reviews include:

"Fusing the textural and tonal freedom of jazz and noise with the linear attack of metal, Prime is an absolute blast." Stewart Smith - The Quietus (full review)

"..a wake-up call to anyone who thought free jazz was a dying art." - Sammy Stein - Something Else (full review)

"Prime is never boring. It will rain down on you. It will intoxicate you. It will traumatise you, pummel you, devastate you, destroy you. Once heard, it will never be forgotten, and heavy music will never seem the same." - Lach Walter - Cyclic Defrost (full review)

Julian Eidenberger - Free Jazz Blog (full review)

MacDara Conroy - Thumped (full review)

Paul Margree - Louder Than War (full review)

Finally, one of the most incredible reviews I have ever read from Massimo Ricci for Touching Extremes.

PRIME is available on LP and download:

Friday, 5 December 2014

Webster / Lisle / Ward - Red Kite

'Red Kite' is the debut album by my new trio with Alex Ward (guitar) and Andrew Lisle (drums). The album is available now to download from Raw Tonk Records, and a CD version will be available soon.

The trio was formed especially for the recording session, prompted by the offer of studio time from Sam Thredder at The Cro's Nest. The album was improvised in the studio, recorded directly to reel-to-reel tape, and mastered by the excellent Marlon Wolterink.