Friday, 26 August 2016


Roji is a new project by Gonçalo Almeida (bass and loops) and Jörg Schneider (drums). They asked me to record some baritone on three tracks for their album 'The Hundred Headed Women', which has been released on CD by the Shhpuma / Cleanfeed label. The album also features three tracks with trumpet from Susana Santos Silva.

"To simplify, we can say that this recording sounds almost like an encounter between Bill Laswell and Mick Harris (Napalm Death), but simultaneously more trashy and more jazzy, more Public Image Limited and more Sunn 00))). We can compare Roji with the Italian band Zu, but there’s a fundamental difference: this isn’t fun. It’s amazing, in a very dark, frightening way. The movie “Antichrist” by Lars von Triers found a better soundtrack."

Line-up: Gonçalo Almeida - bass and loops, Jörg A. Schneider - drums, Guests: Susana Santos Silva - trumpet, Colin Webster - baritone sax

Saturday, 30 July 2016


New cassette release on the Tombed Visions label, 'Oval' is taken from an improvised studio session with Graham Dunning on turntable, dubplates, and effects. 

"Punctuated by space-echo swirls and throbbing with heaving drones, Oval is a far spacier record than Dunning and Webster’s previous collaborations. Where, for instance, Estigate, their first joint on Linear Obsessional Recordings, stuttered and started in spasmodic convulsions, this one heaves and swells.
Oval has a kind of cinematic grandeur, an impressionistic rapture in broad brushstrokes and dappled light to contrast with the pointillism of its predecessor. Even if the second side is more sparse and kinetic, it still feels windswept and expansive in it’s bruised intimacy.”

Robert Barry – The Wire. July 2016

Line-up: Colin Webster - Baritone Saxophone, Graham Dunning - Turntable, Dubplates, Spring Reverbs

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Gravity Lacks

New release on the brand-new Manchester based label Vernacular Recordings. Gravity Lacks is a set of solos and duos with guitarist David Birchall, recorded at Long White Cloud in London last year.

The CD comes with a cover image based on a sound drawing on the audio by David Birchall, and the packaging is handprinted and letterpressed by the Cleeve Press in Leicester.

Line-up: Colin Webster - Tenor Saxophone, David Birchall - Electric Guitar

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Spain Is The Place Tour

Ricardo Tejero - Alto Sax
Colin Webster - Alto Sax
Marco Serrato - Bass
Borja Diaz - Drums

Sunday, 8 May 2016

KTHXBYE - details

details is the new album by my trio with Stian Larsen (guitar) and Brage Tørmænen (drums) - KTHXBYE. The album was recorded last year in London following a short tour, and is available on CD and download from Raw Tonk Records.

Line-up: Stian Larsen - guitar, Brage Tørmænen - drums, Colin Webster - tenor saxophone

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


New release on New Wave of Jazz - Apparitions is a double studio LP by the quartet of John Dikeman (tenor sax), Dirk Serries (guitar), Andrew Lisle (drums), and myself on baritone sax. The album was recorded on the day after the quartet played a blistering show at Cafe Oto, which was released by Raw Tonk Records last year.